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Welcome to The Weekender Herald. A community newspaper distributed in the Adelaide Hills, The Weekender Herald provides news and information about local people and local happenings.

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Lake Reclaimed
Casey Tonkin, December 06th, 2018

Lake Reclaimed

The Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary is one step closer to achieving its goals with the recent purchase of Lake Cumbungi. A crucial part of the sanctuary's ecosystem, the artificial lake provides water for a system of creeks and pools that flows through Warrawong helping to feed one of its most popular species – platypus. Shy and elusive, platypus are unique and unusual animals. Their duck bills and beaver tails famously confounded European scientists who thought the specimens of this venomous, egg-laying... Read Article

With the Lot
Alyssa McKellar, November 29th, 2018

With the Lot

Over the past three years, halfway down a gumtree-lined street in Hay Valley, alongside apple orchards and vineyards, something a little special has been brewing at 100 Chambers Road. From 11am on Saturday December 8, visitors will be welcomed to Lot 100, a unique, conglomerate cellar door promising an experience like no other. The sprawling 84-hectare... Read Article

Samantha Smith, November 23rd, 2018


This Christmas Nairne Vet Clinic is organising a photoshoot for your beloved furry friends and Santa Claus. Vet and clinic owner Michael Woodworth will be the photographer for the occasion and explained a co-worker came up with the idea. “Our nurse Melinda has come up with the idea and is organising it all,” Michael said. “I saw the... Read Article

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