Life Skills

May 02nd, 2019
Life Skills
It’s not all creaky bunk beds and freezing cold drills at 3am at the Woodside 412 Army Cadet Unit, and they’re inviting you to come and see what it’s all about.

Think more learning how to move silently, testing radio communication skills and lessons on how to save someone’s life with crucial first aid knowledge.

Commanding Officer of the unit Leanne Jeisman said the cadets learn important life skills that they will take with them for the rest of their life – military career or not.

“I joined the cadets because my children were cadets – it’s a privilege to be running a youth development program for an incredible group of teenagers in the Adelaide Hills,” Leanne said.

“We get together once a week and train through different levels based on the individual cadet’s time in the unit.”

The activities which cadets are provided with vary greatly according to Leanne.

“There are drill lessons where we learn how to salute, perform different movements including things like the ‘advance in review order’ which is a ceremonial movement,’ she said.

“We might have a session where cadets learn different drill components followed by navigation training, followed by first aid training.”

In addition to unit sessions, camps can include all kinds of outdoor learning and adrenaline inducing programs from abseiling and boating to proper and safe use of firearms.

Leanne said the come and try night is the perfect opportunity for those with an interest in starting a new hobby to see what the group is like - with no pressure of conscription!

“Not every cadet wants to join the army but by learning military skills they will certainly come in handy and set them up for a career in the defence force if that’s the way they want to go,” Leanne said.

“Whilst we are here to give them a great youth development experience there is no obligation.”

Leanne mentioned there were great rewards in watching a group of cadets that were recruits when she first joined grow through their learning to the senior cadets they are now.

“The opportunities that the organisation has opened up for them, what they’ve learnt and are now putting back into the unit is incredible,” Leanne said.

“Last year I had one cadet go to France, another went to Singapore on a two week exchange and this year we had a group of cadets go scuba diving.”

There are 14,000 cadets across Australia in 224 units preparing for life through personal development in cadet activities.

The come and try night for the local unit will be held on Wednesday, May 8 from 6.30pm at the Australian Army Cadet Unit in Woodside, 226 Nairne road.

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