May 09th, 2019
The second Sunday of May will see women across The Hills acknowledged for the important role they have played in our lives and few groups have as great a collective understanding of this than the South Australian Country Women’s Association.

President of the SACWA Stirling branch Jenny Holland said the important thing to remember on Mother’s Day is to “communicate with the significant women in your life.”

“Being a mother is the bulk of your life – it’s making sure shoes are tied and tummies are full and looking after everything else kids need while growing up,” Jenny said.

“So it’s important to remember to make that call or send a text to remind them that their work hasn’t been forgotten.”

Jenny, who has a daughter in London and a son in Glasgow, said the changes in how families communicate were amongst the biggest improvements to how Mother’s Day is celebrated.

“It costs next to nothing to chat with someone on the other side of the world, I had a 20 minute chat with my daughter the other day, so that’s a great development.”

The Stirling SACWA provides the basis for keeping intergenerational connections alive through its meetings and activity sessions.

“We swap stories and tips on the things that connect us, which we often learned from the women in our lives,” Jenny said.

Things like knitting and crochet techniques, jam making and other arts tips go a long way to help keep these memories and appreciation alive.

“Some of our members like Maggie and Helen now have daughters who are members as well, which is great for all of us, even our members who aren’t mothers, they all have stories to tell and we all benefit.”

Jenny Cormack, who is on the Stirling SACWA events sub-committee and about to become a grandmother, said Mother’s Day was “a nice day to stop, reflect and be thankful for the role women play in raising us, just as we should for men on Fathers day.”

“We have a family meal where we say grace to remember our mothers, aunties and all the women who had input in our lives.”

“Since raising my children, I’ve realised how important nurturing input is,” Jenny said.

“I’m overwhelmed with joy to see my son and daughter-in-law bring in the next generation, it makes me feel like I succeeded in my role,”

“I’m mindful to try and be a bystander in the raising of grandchildren, providing support where I can.”

Jenny Cormack valued the support and friendship offered by SACWA.

“We all share a sense of social justice that brings us together to help improve the lives of women in South Australia, by raising money, through baby bundles and by making ourselves available.”

“We’ll meet in the Stirling library on May 16, the third Thursday of the month as we always do,” Jenny Holland said.

“The focus of the meeting will be to bring something relating to the women in your life.”

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